About Bagnik Zine

Bagnik Zine is a personal project created by me after many years of working for Metallibrary and Brutal Carnage webzines and for Riddle of Steel magazine under nickname F!$her.

Bagnik Zine was created 16 December 2016. IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT ENGLISH VERSION: because the English version of the site was created only at April 1st, 2018, all posts before that date will exist only in Russian language. Unfortunately, I can't translate them all as I just don't have time for that. Only the most important old posts will be translated - interviews, key reviews etc. All the new posts (since 1st April 2018) will be posted in English and Russian.

Bagnik Zine was created to support an underground (mostly - metal underground) scene with reviews, interviews and news. But be warned that it's not another news portal about everything metal-related, created for clicks and views. I write only about stuff that I am interested in.

If you want me to review your stuff, contact me through e-mail: admin@bagnik-zine.org. Physical releases are preferred, but I work with digital promos as well.

And don't forget to visit my label / distro: Possession Productions.