About Bagnik Zine

Bagnik Zine is a personal project created by me after many years of working for Metallibrary and Brutal Carnage webzines and for Riddle of Steel magazine under nickname F!$her.

Bagnik Zine was created 16 December 2016. IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT ENGLISH VERSION: because the English version of the site was created only at April 1st, 2018, all posts before that date will exist only in Russian language. Unfortunately, I can't translate them all as I just don't have time for that. Only the most important old posts will be translated - interviews, key reviews etc. All the new posts (since 1st April 2018) will be posted in English and Russian.

Bagnik Zine is created to support underground (mostly metal) music scene with reviews, interviews and news publications.

If you want me to review your stuff, contact me through e-mail: admin@bagnik-zine.org. Physical releases are preferred, but I work with digital promos as well.

Feel free to contact me about advertising, and we will figure something out.

And don't forget to visit my label / distro: Possession Productions.