Elegy Records is closed

A few days ago, one of the oldest and most radical American labels, Elegy Records, announced its closure. The full version of the elegy can be found at Death Metal Undeground. In short, a certain group of SJWs (probably the same one, which requires Discogs to ban unwanted releases and merchants) made sure that all payment systems and banks refused to work with Elegy. At the moment, the label is still able to accept payments, so it arranged a sale of entire cataloguewhich will continue until the warehouse is completely empty or until the nuts are fully tightened.

Let me remind you that Moribund Records, No Colors Records and Darker Than Black also recently faced a similar fate. Though they are blocked only by PayPal so far. It seems that capitalism, even with the help of stupid minions, paid attention to its self-proclaimed enemies. Soon many extreme publishers and listeners will have to figure out how strong their spirit is and whether they can survive in these conditions.

I will add two things personally. The first is thanks to Elegy Records for the contribution. INCANTATION, JUDAS ISCARIOT, IMPERATOR, EVOKEN, MERRIMACK, DARK FURY, AD HOMINEM, HATE FOREST - all these groups were once signed to the label, and I think that those who are still alive can at least openly support Elegy Records. Secondly, it is not known whathese cowardly assfuckers would decide to “ban” tomorrow. So do not wait; buy everything that seems at least sideways “extremist” now. Sons of bitches can close distros, put pressure on club owners, remove digital content from the Web, but they can't reach your zines, books and physical records collections.

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