Belarusian digest 2020: albums

Belarusian scene might be not the biggest in the world, but even in calm times it can be hard to pay attention to everything it gives. In this material, I will tell about some interesting Belarusian albums of 2020.

In February, ACWEALD, the projecto f ex-bassist / vocalist of BONEHAMMER, released its debut. ACWEALD plays his favorite punk metal with an off-sounding romantic forest theme. So far, only in digital format:

MOLAT will soon release a new album “Dum Spiro Spero”, the lyrics for which were written by Kaldrad. The preview is already available:

In May, the once megapopular Mogilev gang DRYGVA released their long-awaited second album "Vaidelot". In fact, DRYGVA remained folk metalcore, but maybe someone still likes it:


In June, PA VESH EN released another record: the mini-album “Burial”. The promo version managed to slip past me, but, in principle, you understand everything. The same gloom as usual. Very good, but not for everybody.


I have already written about this, but I will write again (and then again when I get a CD): Korelichi group JAR has released a new EP “Zvarot” with the help of the Brazilian Hammer of Damnation. Total support.

August - the second album of the brutal quintet OMINOUS SCRIPTURES was released on the famous Willowtip:


The new RAVEN THRONE album “Viartannie (Chroniki źmiainaj ciemry)” was released just the other day. Review in full format is coming ... someday.


And finally, the comeback of the decade. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hitler came to life the debut album of BLACKMOON WARRIOR 88 came out! Probably, even among experienced readers of Bagnik Zine, only three and a half people have heard about this project (and even less about the accompanying COMRADE BORISLAV). However, this in no way prevented the sonic Nazi terrorist from becoming so successful that he moved to the United States, where he put together a line-up (below you will understand why I selected this word), recorded an album and released it on Winter Solace. Who doesn't know, Winter Solace is such a crazy guy who loves to talk about his intransigence (and in general about himself), and also publishes everything from FOLKVANG and KAMAEDZITCA to some deranged noise shit FOLKVANG and KAMAEDZITCA to some deranged noise shit with siegheiling Hello Kitty on the covers ... I know that BLACKMOON WARRIOR 88 knows how to make more or less convincing and extremely underground NS metal, but on the album he apparently decided to impress the publisher, and you can evaluate the result below. I have only one question - what the line-up here for?


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