Debut release of THE TROOPS OF DOOM is out now

The previous day, the debut mini-album of the Brazilian band THE TROOPS OF DOOM was released on the French sub-label of Nuclear Blast called Blood Blast Distribution. The name screams that this is a worship of early SEPULTURA, but the truth is even more mesmerizing: the founding guitarist of the group is Jairo Tormentor, who played in SEPULTURA during its most evil period, from 1985 to 1987. And, surprisingly, “The Rise of Heresy” offers excatly that Satanic thrash, spewing curses and cutting the listener to pieces with high-speed guitar gaps. The sound, of course, is more modern, but carefully imitates the first releases of SEPULTURA, and the instruments are played more evenly here. Otherwise - a real revival of the classics. If in doubt, for comparison, there are covers of “Bestial Devastation” and “Troops of Doom” at the end of the EP. Fans of “Bestial Devastation” and “Morbid Visions” must pay attention! WAR !!!

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