The second album of Belarusians called “Šahrartu” (sum. Devastation) will be released via Willowtip Records on January 29, 2021. Here is what press release says: "Antique tragedy in six acts, each of which is a chapter dedicated to a certain stage in the existence of being. “Šahrartu” is the other side of “Projecting the singular emission…” which is attested even by the cover of the album. Therefore, the conceptual constituent of the album it is an representing a side analysis of Existence phenomenology as well as a gradual cycle of Birth – Death. The album shows our progress both in terms of composition and recording quality. You will also hear the characteristic handwriting of the group and techniques that have already become branded. This is the multifaceted, superconceptual, majestic and thoughtful representative of the New Æra Death Metal. In comparison with previous releases, the lyrics of “Šahrartu” seem drained. There is no former plethora of terms, names, allegories, epithets and metaphors. Each lyrics is composed according to a specific form and consists of 11 lines. But despite the apparent simplicity and accessibility, this is an extremely conceptual work. The design of physical format contains a lot of connecting links, references and unique elements, without which a complete understanding of the release is impossible. The spells on the album noticed by a watchful listener serve the focus of Black Logos within microcosm. They are composed in so called artlang, a constructed language for a work of art.The album will be available on CD, Vinyl, as well as on digital platforms".

1. Šaqummatu (sum. Silence)
2. Utpāda (san. Genesis)
3. Tahâdu (assyr. Becoming/Prosperity)
4. Anhûtu (akk. Dilapidation)
5. Inqirad (arab. Decay)
6. Riqûtu (akk. Absenсe)

First promo track is already available:

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