New DO SKONU album "Offering" coming soon

Press release quote:
"This album was recorded in the early 2012 and, in fact, is the third album of the band. Varagian wanted to write more straightforward material, staying true to the roots of the style and rejecting any experimentation. But the inspiration can't be controlled. Unexplainable possession gone wild and made him create 9 songs that were too dissimilar to his previous (and the next) works.

In 2012, these sounds seemed to audacious, and Varagian decided to bury this records. Few songs have been re-recorded and released on other albums, the rest disappeared in the darkness.

Years passed, and Varagian completely changed his attitude towards the album. It's fully harmonious and self-sufficient. Inspired by such records as DARKTHRONE "Goatlord", BLACKDEATH "The Bottomless Armageddon" (both got a new life after some time) and, of course, the legendary BATHORY "Blood on Ice", he decided to release the album, with the original sound and mood. This is exactly how these songs supposed to sound, this is what they've been at the start, before all re-recordings.

Yes, it's an "old" album that shows a new face of DO SKONU. The fire from the past burns bright now.

Digipack CD limited to 333 copies. Design by Mr. Horth".

The album is out on 12.12.2020

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