New MASSACRE album "Resurgence" is out now

As you know, in 2019, the legends of the Florida Death Metal once again rose from the ashes, and today we meet their new album. The good news is that the group is once again led by Kam Lee who, despite his controversial personality, remains an excellent vocalist. All the rest do not inspire confidence: the bassist has not played anywhere for a thousand years, the main guitarist is fucking pestered artisan Rogga Johansson, the second guitarist is also artisan Johnny Petersson, the third - Scott Fairfax from the antifa circus MEMORIAM. Drummer was brough by Kam from his previous projects. Published by Nuclear Blast. The new album was created strictly based on the works of Lovecraft, so even without listening it is obvious that this is, by and large, the reincarnation of THE GROTESQUERY. The songs below prove it - 100% typical Johansson's material, heard so many times it makes you sick. This time with slightly better production. I don't know why they need three guitarists to play this.

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