Fifth part of short reviews.

GOATKRAFT – Angel Slaughter
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Iron Bonehead Productions
Rating: 6,7 / 10

The Norwegian band GOATKRAFT, formed by three unknown musicians a year ago, can be fairly described as BLACK WITCHERY clone. Even the image of the vocalist is practically indistinguishable from Impurath, and there is nothing to say about music - it's total BW worship. Unfortunately, the sound is too clean, there is no infernality at all. Those hissing-wheezing vocals are also not good. BW also sang in such a manner on early recordings, but in that dirty sound of these recordings it sounded appropriate, but here it deprives music of the last remnants of genuine aggression. Overall composing is really nice, but the rest needs much more work.


SERUM DREG – Lustful Vengeance
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 7 / 10

The project of hyperactive participants of ASH BORER, DAGGER LUST and other bands from USA. Ugly, malicious, cavernous metal with a mass of death and punk rhythms. Very simple, cruel, gloomy and inhuman music. Not as cool as the stuff like THE HAUNTING PRESENCE, but maybe it's for the best - SERUM DREG does not try to be what it really is not.


SKINNED – Shadow Syndicate
Year of release: 2018
Released by: XenoKorp
Rating: 5 / 10

Extremely mundane and fat-free pseudo-brutal death metal, that looks like if it was pulled out of the catalog of Metal Blade or another major label 10 years ago. Disgustingly perfect modern sound and a set of songs that, despite the seeming variety, consist of long-awed clichés. Nauseously "regular" work.


TORTURE SQUAD – Far Beyond Existence
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Secret Service Records
Rating: 6,3 / 10

This Brazilian thrash metal band exists for almost 28 years, and this is its 8th album. One of the few noteworthy facts about this group is that it is voiced by a girl named Mayara Puertas (3 years younger than TORTURE SQUAD), and you will never guess if you do not know anything about the band's line-up, because the first song from "Far Beyond Existence" sounds as if it is performed by some disgusting peasant who does not know how to sing at all. Then everything becomes a bit clearer and better - it turns out that the girl is capable of different types of singing, and she does her job pretty well. As for the music, everything here is quite common for the average thrash album: high speed sections and cool guitar solos are combined with a mass of slow boring riffs, taking away the time of the listener in vain. To love "Far Beyond Existence" is quite possible, but not necessary. There is one more negative point - the duration of the basic version of an album is 57 minutes, and with bonuses it is almost 70 minutes, which is exactly 2 times more than necessary.


TROLL – Troll
Year of release: 2016
Released by: Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 6,5 / 10

Looking on the frontman of this band, you don't even need to ask what music these guys play. Traditional Stoner / Doom Metal as is, neither more nor less. Good thick sound, typical Black Sabbath-style riffs, beautiful solos, good songs. There are a lot of such albums, and I practically do not observe the difference between them, but it's always pleasant to listen to them. I will let the die hard fans of the style think about subtleties. By the way, pay attention to the cool front cover.


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