Review: SHRINE OF THE SERPENT – Entropic Disillusion

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Memento Mori
Rating: 8 / 10

SHRINE OF THE SERPENT is a young band from US that grew out of short pants of TENSPEED WARLOCK (typical fucked up name for sludge metal). Fortunately. after re-branding, the band switched to Death Doom Metal where only a creaky glandy taste remained from Sludge Metal. Of course, this is very slow, gloomy and catastrophically heavy. There is only one tiny step to Funeral Doom Metal territory, but this step cannot be made, because you can't return from the grave. The band openly claims: "Shrine Of The Serpent pursue only the truth from beyond the final wall and encourage all participants and listeners to actively disengage from life's constraints. All mortal efforts are futile and death holds all, over all of us". This position is honest and worthy of respect. All our kind really should die. Afterlife in the vision of SHRINE OF THE SERPENT is a kind of vague conglomeration of titanic boulders, blazing unfriendly and detached energy. There is no room for emotion, that's why the band's music is so ruthless. The roaring vocals work in line with the cold instrumental parts, the sounds of which cause the earth to crumble on the lids of more and more coffins. "Entropic Disillusion" can serve as a well-deserved epitaph to humanity, the essence of which boils down to the classic saying: "Who died. Maxim? Well, then fuck him."


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