Review: CARDIAC ARREST – A Parallel Dimension of Despair

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Memento Mori
Rating: 8,4 / 10

Apparently, the Americans CARDIAC ARREST are experienced workers in the field of Death Metal based on horror films. Not particularly bothering about originality, they followed the road of AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, MORTICIAN, etc. At the same time, they seem to be simple guys, not chasing after popularity and not trying to please everyone. The song "I Say Fuck You All (SJW)" from the demo of 2016 is a confirmation, and I respect that. On the new album, the band seems to have decided to slightly diversify its activities. The usual horrendous lyrics about killing, monsters and ghosts are now based on the sound of GRAVE. The similarity is so strong that sometimes it is simply impossible to distinguish the Americans from the Swedes. For example, listen to the riffs playing during the couplets in "When Murder Is Justified". Or to a typical throaty vocals and a heavy rough guitar sound where the chords seem to fall through each other like stone blocks. Or to transitions between slow atonal pieces and typical slayer beats, slowed down to a tempo that slightly exceeds the mid.

It should be noted that CARDIAC ARREST know a thing or two about songwriting and playing their instruments. All songs develop very smoothly and consistently, there is no place for some stupid "creative" ears-cutting solutions. Nothing inappropriate - almost continuous Swedish-type Death Metal, very vigorous and self-assured. Only a short track "Rotting Creator" is really different from the others, the band reveals their love for grindcore in that track. The beauty of such albums is that you almost never get bored to listen to them, despite their monotony and their similarity to each other. The good half of the Memento Mori roaster sounds exactly the same, and still it's cool. "A Parallel Dimension of Despair" does not try to be what it is not, and simply offers listeners a high-quality slice of dead meat.

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