Review: LOITS – Ei kahetse midagi

Year of release: 2001 / 2009 (this version)
Released by: self-release / Drakkar Productions (this version)
Rating: 8 / 10

The debut album of Estonians LOITS, originally released by the band in 2001, made a surprisingly large noise. I don't know if it happened immediately, or it was thanks to the first reissues, but the fact is that over the past years it has been re-issued 8 (!) times in all possible formats. It is amazing for underground band, and doubly amazing for Estonian underground band. because the local scene, let's say it's frankly, is not even in the top ten of most popular scenes of the world. Perhaps the noise around the album rose due to the design, thanks to which idiot leftists instantly refered the band in NSBM section, though there is nothing NS or BM in LOITS creativity. Sincerely interested in their history, LOITS do not hesitate to use swastikas and symbols associated with the Estonian Legion that fought in the SS ranks. Algiz rune on the cap of a nurse from the front cover of the album also offends the look of supporters of the red affair. I will tell you more about the historical context in the works of LOITS in the next review, but for now let us dwell on the fact that the attentive left eye instantly identifies LOITS as scary "fascists".

Of course, it is only worth looking into the booklet of the album, and all questions on "Nazism" of LOITS will immediately disappear. 6/8 of "Ei kahetse midagi" consists of songs you could read about in my review of their rehearsal demo "Tulisilma Sünd", recorded in year 2000. And these songs are classic Heathen Metal, where references to real history, if present, are in a highly veiled form. The exception is the track "Sinimäed 1944", dedicated to the battle of Tannenberg, but it is an 80-second instrumental track that served as the introduction to the first song on "Tulisilma Sünd". Hence, with all desire, it is impossible to extract a certain political subtext. From a technical point of view, songs differ from their rehearsal versions for the better, and in something for the worse. They have a really high-quality powerful studio sound - not sleek and emasculated, but high-grade, revealing all the smallest details of music. Arrangements have become a little richer, which is also very, very good. Real drummer plays on this record (drums were programmed on rehearsal demo - not to be confused with synthesized drums) so their parts turned out to be more ... umm, live. Although the sound of cymbals is still weird.

New songs are not really different from the rest. "Hauast aupaistesse" has a dynamic and mood characteristic of pagan metal, which can almost be called positive. In the music library in my head, this song plays somewhere near the late tracks of GODS TOWER. There is also some epic vive which for some reason reminds me of BATHORY, although it sounds quite different. "Sinu mees, sinu vend, sinu poeg" (by the way, there is a sample with a voice that probably belongs to Hitler - and in the context of this song it is used in negative sense, which is obvious from the text) I liked less. The lyrics are very powerful, but the music is more like an exercise in different tempos and rhythms. In general, it works, but this is the weakest song on the album. The common minus of "Ei kahetse midagi" is that the quality recording unavoidably deprived it of the archaic atmosphere inherent in "Tulisilma Sünd". It is clear that a band with a specific historical bias should have strong and clear sound, but nostalgia is a powerful thing, you know. Therefore, this reproach is subjective of course.

Physical versionthat I have on my hands is the last at the moment: Drakkar Productions version released in 2009. There is a bonus track in the form of a raw version of the song "Tõelised kuningad", and believe me, you can live without it since it sounds worse than a rehearsal or final studio version. Digipack looks excellent, everything at the highest level - from design to fonts and technical implementation. See more on a video. No doubts, "Ei kahetse midagi" is really strong album, and I even dare to assume that it is one of the best albums on the Estonian scene.


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