Review: LORD OF EVIL – Satan’s Soldiers

Year of release: 2012 / 2016 (this version)
Released by: Under the Sign of Garazel Productions
Rating: 88 / 666

The true classic is determined by the fact that it does not lose its relevance - and what can be more relevant today than the old good (bad) satanic nazism? LORD OF EVIL is an ancient Black Metal band from Poland, now known as WAR88. At its time, it was ahead of the figures from Temple of the Fullmoon, mixing Satanism and Nazism in it's creativity. It should be noted that this band can not be attributed to the so-called NSBM, because it has nothing to do with socialism. This is the purest Black Metal with Nazi aesthetics. Satan acts here with the hands of his servants, dressed in the uniform of the Wehrmacht, on which the swastikas and Totenkopf are combined with inverted pentagrams and crosses. This is reflected in the design of the digipackthat is just awesome: chopped tables with nine commandments, zig runes thunderbolts striking from the clouds, burning church, synagogue and mosque - everything is in place! See more on a video. For the complete triumph of political incorrectness, there is only a hung Negro is missing, but we will forgive the designers for this small shortage.

"Satan's Soldiers" contains almost complete collection of LORD OF EVIL works. Formally, there is a lack of tapes "In Nomine Rex Infernus" and "Satanic War Master (Der Führer)", but they are both actually just the rehearsal forerunners of the demos presented on the disc, so it is not so necessary. The collection introduces us to the demo "Kill for Satan" (1993), "Satan's Soldiers" (1994), as well as a 1995' rehearsal recording, made under WAR88 name. The rehearsal sounds catastrophic, as it should be with its status, and the demos... are also catastrophic, but in a good way. The material reminds me about what Rob Darken did with GRAVELAND after the first recording: primitive, barbaric black metal, grating, creaking, hissing, buzzing and really dirty, as a maniac pervert who just got out of the crematorium oven where he smeared himself with the soot remaining from the burnt corpses. However, the music pefromed more briskly and smoothly, because here we are dealing with a complete collective. Very early birth of the band (its first incarnation was formed back in 1991, and even managed to record a demo with the cute name "I fuck mother of Christ") influenced the uniqueness of it's style. When LORD OF EVIL began to play, the Norwegian figures of popular metal culture had only just made their first steps. Therefore, the Poles are not really similar to anyone. Perhaps, there are some trails of BURZUM here, but not much, So, chew it: two dozen anthems of pristine Evil, true Black Metal (however I will not deny, more than crazy one), which pompous shit-eaters from the "user friendly" metal media hated at all times. Hitler's speeches, the rumble of machine guns and the cries of women are attached as a rest to the ears. Not for those who like "good music".

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