Review: WOEST – La fin de l’ère sauvage

Year of release: 2017
Released by: self-release
Rating: 5 / 10

WOEST is one of those unnecessary and unknown bands that bombard the underground zines with requests to review their material, and if you agree, you begin to scold yourself for it afterwards. However, in the case of these French guys, the situation is not as trivial as it usually is. Quite quickly it turns out that they really can write comprehensible, emotional and atmospheric music. But here's the problem - they are extremely bad at performing it. And this sound can simply kill a man with weaker ears than mine. Other reviewers write some incredible stories about "La fin de l'ère sauvage" - they say, it's industrial Black / Doom Metal. Let's face it: this "industriality" is nothing but a shitty drum machine, the monstrous computer processing of all instrumental parts, occasionally pop-up keyboards (certainly software) and terribly overloaded bass that blows up your dynamics. I must admit, I'm even slightly delighted with such a sophisticated mockery over the sound. And yet I'm sorry, since after working in a normal studio, this material could be of much greater interest. As I said, this band can compose good tracks, and they sing a bit sloppy, but with commitment. I can't say what they sing about becausein French I know only the word "merde". but this word is too strong for this album which really has some potential. I think if WOEST are going to continue their activity, in the future they need to re-record their debut work using the help of a competent sound engineer. In the meantime, But at the moment I can't recommend this album to anyone.


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