Review: PA VESH EN / TEMPLE MOON – Split

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Iron Bonehead Productions
Rating: 7 / 10

Obscure Belarusian project, moving towards the debut full-length, does not forget to spill new clots of darkness out into the world. Iron Bonehead decided to release its split with even less experienced British project TEMPLE MOON on 12" vinyl, and this indicates a certain level of material. In fact, the new compositions from PA VESH EN came out more interesting and convincing than the previous ones. The sound remained all the same grey and elusive, but the dynamics of the songs is much higher. In addition to the already familiar adventures of the suffering ghost, there are explosions of aggression and chaos. The degree of suffering somehow decreased, or the music just went through emotional maturation. In any case, no snots here, it's all very serious and mourning. And surprisingly consistent - except for the last track, that sounds improvised somehow, and even more than half of this track is sugar post-rocker riff with a dreamy keyboard template. It does not fit into the oppressive atmosphere of PA VESH EN at all (but for some reason Iron Bonehead decided to use it as promo track).

TEMPLE MOON's side is much less tricky. This is a typical traditionalist black metal with a strong taste of "Transilvanian Hunger", presented in all its necrotic naturalness. High-speed segments alternate with slow depressive fragments, which are not so dull I must say. And even the suffering vocals with a powerful effect of echo are not annoying. Yet this is not the notorious "DSBM", but a tribute to the long-gone times, when this term and the miserable style that it stands for, did not yet exist. I can not say that TEMPLE MOON impressed me so much, but it's good and right music, worthy of attention of right people. Split comes out in a month, and I recommend you to think seriously about buying it.

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