Review: WITCHTRAP – Trap the Witch

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 8,5 / 10

I did not hurry with listening to the fourth full-length of of WITCHTRAP, being absolutely sure of its highest level and the right style. Fact: these Colombians were and remain one of the best thrash metal bands on the planet, without betraying themselves from the very beginning of the creative path. The basis of their music is unchanged - the old KREATOR influence (especially "Endless Pain"). Retreats happen, but when you buy WITCHTRAP album, you know that you will not get some bullshit. It's metal to the core, played and recorded by a purely analog method with respect to the old sacred traditions. Specifically, "Trap the Witch" was recorded by the band at their own studio and released on their own, and a year later, a more accessible release in all formats was released Hells Headbangers. If you have heard at least one of the works of Colombians, you already know what to expect. Mostly speedy, aggressive and sincere Thrash Metal defines almost every song on the album. Exceptions are the starting "Lemmy", performed in the vein of MOTÖRHEAD (and containing a wonderful line "49% motherfucker, 51% son of a bitch"), a depressingly slow "Power of the Maul" and rock and roll "Hard Thrashing Mania". I note that the core of the group are two brothers, working together since the day of its foundation, so you can imagine the degree of their teamwork. You won't find technical tricks in WITCHTRAP music, but the performance is surgically accurate. Lyrics - a beer-flavored mixture of old-school metal Satanism and other sorcery. Won't say nothing more: another killer record from the Colombians, must have.


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