Review: DEATHHAMMER – Chained to Hell

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 9,7 / 10

They do it again. The Norwegians DEATHHAMMER again make me bang my head like I'm 17, and I just turned on "Endless Pain" for the first time. Maybe it gives away fanboyism, but I do not have enough words to express my admiration for this duo. As they constantly rush at frenzied speed, as their bubbling and whipping music constantly generates thousands of explosions per second... screaming titties, it's amazing! In my reviews, I often praise the bands of the same type (a good half of them are also in Hells Headbangers roster), but frankly - DEATHHAMMER easily trample them into the mud and pisses on their heads. These guys with thorough knowledge know how to play and sing old metal. There is nothing fake in them. This is the most primitive Satanic frenzy that embraces only the chosen ones. You can not play like DEATHHAMMER if you have not been obsessed with it since childhood. You can try and give a masterpiece once, but these guys now releasing their fourth long play that rips everything into shreds. Absolutely confidently, I declare this: DEATHHAMMER is the best old-school band on today's metal scene. They are so cool that I will not stop listening to them even if they turn out to be Communists or (and) homos. I got nothing more to add.


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