Review: DEATHWARDS – Towards Death

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 8 / 10

I have one friend who is firmly convinced that Chile is a sign of quality when it comes to metal. And he's right, especially when it comes to bands like DEATHWARDS. "Towards Death" is an example of a rather strange publishing policy (although perhaps the decision was taken by the musicians themselves). Totally convincing mini album, 23 minutes length, with excellent sound, served as a demo and released on the cassette. Believe me, every week I review vinyl releases that are unworthy to even kiss the heels of "Towards Death". This album is a Death Thrash Metal slaughter where there is not a single wrong note. The deaf listeners for some reason compare it to the early SODOM, and the publisher carefully refers to all the classics of the genre at once. The latter is more correct, although I would, in spite of the cover on INFERNAL MAJESTY, compare music of Chileans with the classical Swedish death metal translated into thrash latitudes. There are a lot of its characteristics here, especially in the first three tracks. The release's weather is quite strongly affected by the vocals. It is performed by ex-guitarist of COMMUNION, another brilliant Chilean band. A slight accent and a peculiar voice make the vocals unique.

The press release claims that "Towards Death" is only a breakfast before the upcoming full-length dinner. Everything says that it can turn out grandiose. I mark this young group for myself and start to wait.


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