Review: PA VESH EN – Church of Bones

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Iron Bonehead Records
Rating: 7,5 / 10

This grim Belarusian project is continuing to grow and multiply, giving out the fourth release this year - and for the first time in its career full-length. In Belarus, PA VESH EN is still hardly known outside the Bagnik Zine readership, while behind its borders the situation is clearly more lively. It's Iron Bonehead, after all.

If you've read about / listened to previous records of PA VESH EN, do not expect any significant innovations from the full-length. In comparison with the demo and split, the sound became only slightly more legible. Obviously, everything was recorded on the same home studio with almost identical settings. This is already enough to scare off a whole crowd of potential listeners, since PA VESH EN obviously does not seek to please someone's ears. Rather, on the contrary. That thick and distant half-noise metal is equally difficult to digest for lovers of major pop metal and for fans old-fashioned crispy-hissing evil. But the peculiar atmosphere, which is most correctly designated by the word "ghostly", is recognized from the first seconds. In all this aesthetics, it is not so important what the compositional structure of the songs is. "Church of Bones" is spiritually close to Funeral Doom Metal and if all things consisted of monstrous slow looped riffs, it would not be worse / better. This is not so much music, as a collection of vague images that cause disturbing and unpleasant sensations. Think about what you feel when you see old faded photos of the dead, raw abandoned cellars, catacombs, dead November nature, decaying corpses of birds. Remember the dank gray morning after a night full of nightmares, when you do not know whether you wake up or still sleep. PA VESH EN slowly pours all this depressive darkness from the bottomless tub right to your head. Pleasant, exciting? Not at all. But, if you listen carefully, the effect is very powerful.

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