Review: DEIPHAGO – Into the Eye of Satan

Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 6,6 / 10

DEIPHAGO is one of my favorite bands, and at the same time one of those that you listen only on the big holidays. DEIPHAGO deduces the concept of anti-musicalism of Black Metal to a new level. Analogous to their bloody rabies simply does not exist. Any attempt to play on the same field can only turn into a complete failure. These Filipinos have a unique ability to create a monstrous cacophony, scare all normal people within a kilometer radius, and at the same time give it an absolutely clear ultimate goal. After listening to another half an hour of raping of the musical instruments, you never ask yourself what and why was that. Any underdeveloped projects experimenting with noise in order to "fight the music scene" or any other, do not even have the right to open their eyes to look at DEIPHAGO.

Knowing all this, 3 years ago I happily met a new album of Filipinos, listened to it ... and decided to postpone for later. Something in it wasn't right. "Probably, I'm just not in the mood," I decided then.

... And I was wrong. Today, 3 years later, "Into the Eye of Satan" is still felt wrong. Formally, this is another DEIPHAGO album, where everything is in place: furious rage, ignoring all the laws of execution and music, sking-burning flame of Satan and ripping out the guts in His name. However ... it all seems a bit tortured, overly prudent and thoughtful. The degree of madness and spontaneity decreased. I'm sure the third-party listener will not notice the difference between "Into the Eye of Satan" and, for example, "Filipino Antichrist". Rather, he will turn off this nightmare and decide to never touch it again. But we see and hear everything. It seems that DEIPHAGO almost started to play music with riff "squares", slayer beats and other classical components of metal. I think no one needs this. The uniqueness of DEIPHAGO is also in the fact that from the very beginning of their long career they stand firmly on their own, without deviating from the chosen course. The new album, "I, The Devil", coming out soon, will help to understand what "Into the Eye of Satan" was: a step to regrettable changes or simply not quite successful work, from which lessons will be learned.


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