Review: SCYTHIAN – Hubris in Excelsis

Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 8,6 / 10

SCYTHIAN is one those bands that you are going to listen to for a very long time, and then you reproach yourself that you have not done this before. I heard about these Britons for a long time, but I gave them a listen only thanks to the books of Dayal Patterson, from where I was surprised to find out that they don't offer a mixture of dubious music and foggy lyrics that are customary for Great Britain, but instead play something more solid, traditional. However, everything is not so simple. SCYTHIAN manages to combine the incompatible, pinching off a little bit from all the right extreme metal classicsHowever, everything is not so simple. SCYTHIAN manages to combine the incompatible, pinching off all the right extreme metal-classics. In their music, the epic of BATHORY is combined with the best examples of old thrash (in the spirit of POSSESSED and SODOM) and death (MORBID ANGEL, for example). It turns out something like DESTROYER 666 (SCYTHIAN musicians are personally acquainted with the participants of the Australian legend, so the influence is also noticeable), only much more dynamic and rightly played. Crimson rabies of battle is alternating with a monumental march of a powerful army, moving to another victory. SCYTHIAN has very masculine music. It has this feeling that distinguishes the real barbarians who got erection from the smell of blood, from the crowd of clownish shit-viking \ pseudo-militarist bands from fuckin Napalm Records or some other gay label. Despite the fact that “Hubris in Excelsis” is noticeably softer, more technical and inventive than its predecessor in terms of music and poetry, it is still merciless. In the end, is not so important for the dying enemy what was done to him - deprivation of limbs or cutting off guts. Buy this album and tune in to future battles.


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