Review: KROLOK – When the Moon Sang Our Songs

Year of release: 2014 / 2018 (this version)
Released by: Inferna Profundus Records
Rating: 7,9 / 10

Inferna Profundus presents a re-release of the demo recording of the Slovak project KROLOK, where a member of a good band ALGOR plays. The whole essence of this piece otherworldly darkness is expressed on the cover with a classic Nosferatu. The cold and darkness of eternal non-existence is transmitted in the form of straightforward metal where you can easily hear the influence of “Under a Funeral Moon”. The sound is quite peculiar - amateur, but truly beyond the grave, ghostly and haunting. It makes your brain to create the images of black castles in the mountains and swarms of bats flying over them in the cold light of decaying pale moon. And then a genuine Transilvanian hunger engulfs your whole being. Recommended for fans of DARKTHRONE, CULTES DES GHOULES and FAUSTCOVEN.


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