Review: ARCHGOAT – The Luciferian Crown

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Debemur Morti Productions
Rating: 8,4 / 10

I am glad that in the darkness of this world there are still unshakable truths and unbreakable bastions. If ARCHGOAT submit their new record, there should be no doubt about it's contents. True Black Metal of antiquity is a path from which some of His most faithful followers will never descend. Although "antiquity" is very relative word here, because the album sounds very modern. Even at the last LP, I was surprised that one of the dirtiest and most disgusting bands in the world suddenly decided to record with a completely distinctive sound. What is even more surprising, this sound did not reduced the degree of nauseous blasphemy. ARCHGOAT somehow manage to be themselves at any settings of the equipment, and this is an incredible rarity. “The Luciferian Crown” is still better in terms of sound than “The Apocalyptic Triumphator”. He is also clean and easily perceived but at the same time louder and tougher. As for music, it almost never moved from its place. Of course, ARCHGOAT should not change, but using the same successful arranging methods twice in a row is not a very reasonable tactic. The ambient inserts with the grunt of pigs on “The Luciferian Crown” hit directly into the target, hinting at something indescribably disgusting and offensive towards the feelings of those who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. The same inserts on the new album are already perceived as an inappropriate self-repetition. And this strange song “Darkness Has Returned”, which came out very punkish... Otherwise, there’s nothing to complain about: ARCHGOAT is still capable of making killer primitive riffs and percussion parts that have a hypnotic effect even on a weary “War” / "Bestial" Metal fan. Also I should note a minimal percentage of fresh ideas: for example, on the song “Star of Darkness and Abyss” you can hear an excellent keyboard part, bells and chorus. All this helps to understand music and lyrics much more deeply. ARCHGOAT continue to crush and desecrate, because this is their destiny. Cult never dies!


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