18th part of short reviews.

Year of release: 2018
Released by: The Goatmancer Records
Rating: 5 / 10

Take all sorts of good death metal bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION, extractall the parts that you can call melodic (read as worst parts because melody is not what they are good at), make some songs from this part, and in the end you will get this album. Metal archives position NECROART as MDM - this is not true, the music is pretty gloomy, but still dull. This is Italian metal after all. But the lyrics seem to be interesting - it is obviously more interesting to read here than to listen.

MOURNING BY MOURNING – Mourning by Morning
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Wolfspell Records
Rating: 5,2 / 10

Metal of color of pink dream with thick syrup from all holes. Another offspring of a worthless hipster scene that seems almost dead, but still twitching. There are also pluses - Wolfspell had enough of a conscience to not to position it as Black Metal, and the creator of the project even knows how to play all sorts of instruments, especially the guitar. But he is weak as the composer, so you can pass by.


SEKTARISM – Fils de Dieu
Year of release: 2018
Released by: End All Life Productions
Rating: no rating

It's a shame to put SEKTARISM in one section with fast food like the above-described groups, but I just cannot scrape enough words to describe this outstanding work. The album consists of two parts: the first introduces the more than 10-minute ritual thing, which is enough to drive you crazy, and the second, 34-minute, in the words of a press release, puts all the burden of shame for the failure of man as an idea on your shoulders. Feel yourself Jesus Christ, so to speak. “Fils de Dieu” cannot just be listened to. It needs to be chewed on for a long, long time, but this is not a pleasant occupation - something like a multi-day observation of the agony of terminally ill and hungry concentration camp prisoners, who can only toss and turn and moan. I'm leaving the album without rating; Who am I to rate this?


MIDNIGHT / SHITFUCKER – Midnight / Shitfucker
Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers
Rating: 6,7 / 10

This is more common for me: another seven-inch split from Hells Headbangers. MIDNIGHT side contains a pretty standard song for the project with cheerful music and a completely wrong mood (this is its eternal problem), but at least the song is short. SHITFUCKER is much better - these guys, despite their craziness, always make good music. Reminds ABIGAIL / BARBATOS songs, but from the white people white trash. It is a pity that the split lasts less than 7 minutes - it was quite possible to put one mor song per side.


ABIGAIL / SHITFUCKER – Bloody Your Lovely Pussy!
Year of release: 2015
Released by: Hells Headbangers
Rating: 7 / 10

This seven-inch is a little better than the previous one. ABIGAIL's gnarled, drunk chastooshkas are good to listen to, but SHITFUCKER is still cooler. Their songs came out loud, noisy and dense, and the lyrics are also hellish and perverted. If Quorton had been carried away by the “crocodile” and cheap Belarusian wines instead of Wagner and the Vikings, BATHORY would have turned into something similar.


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