Review: WITCHES HAMMER – Stretching into Infinity

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Rating: 7,5 / 10

WITCHES HAMMER is very old Canadian Thrash Metal. The group was founded back in 1984, the first record was released a year later, and in 1990 they split up, although after 28 years for some reason they decided to get together again. NWN Prods made a reissue of the compilation “Stretching into Infinity” which was previously released in 2005. The format is the same - vinyl.

Compilation includes 1985' EP and all songs from the unreleased album recorded in the 1988. They contain nothing more than the primeval Thrash Metal, a true child of its time. Although it is not the most fierce music that I heard; Canadians had a desire to play not only loudly, viciously and quickly, but also technically. Nevertheless, this is the mid-80s, when everything was much simpler: if people played metal, they played it right and hard at any speed, without trying to be carriers of advanced musical thought and shit. Therefore, you'll like this band, do not hesitate. The quality of the sound is of course rough and sloppy, as it should be. The songs tell about some alien stuff nuclear fucking apocalypse, but there is also track about National Front which is surprising, but nice. Very good release, what else can I say!


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