Review: SEVEROTH – When the Night Falls…

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Werewolf Promotion
Rating: 8,3 / 10

To date, SEVEROTH remains maybe the last (perhaps because of its relative youth) project keeping the tradition of the proper Carpathian Ukrainian metal alive. The forefathers of this local style either switched to other topics or turned into shit, but the Dnieper musician continues his lonely journey to the stars. Following the principle “do not break things that work", SEVEROTH recorded the conditional trilogy “Winterfall” - “Solitude” - “Forestpaths” performed in almost unchanged sound and style. It was beautiful, but on the last album it was felt that his music needs small changes. The musician himself understood this, at that moment not sure whether SEVEROTH will release something else. But after a year and a half, a new album comes out - the same as the previous ones, but not quite.

Creating “When the Night Falls ...”, SEVEROTH did everything right. He did not reinvent the wheel, but only added a pinch of necessary changes to the time-tested recipe. Fans of the project will immediately feel themselves like home, only with re-pasted wallpaper and updated lighting.The basis of music remains the same: atmospheric metal based on old BURZUM with a rich keyboard background and melancholic mood. The main difference from previous works is a large number of additional arranging elements, because of which the songs have swelled to unreasonable sizes. In each composition there is an intro part, a couple of interludes and completion, not to mention a pair of separate instrumental tracks. Three epic canvases for more than 12 minutes, two for more than 9, one for almost 8 (also instrumental) is a lot. Taking “When the Night Falls ...” in one shot doesn’t work out purely because of its length although the music is still perceived without much effort. It took me five auditions to finally chew on the album, but still I have to swallow it for a long time. Huge additional batches of acoustics and synthesizer make the taste of this dish extremely saturated. Perhaps, sometimes too much. From time to time, SEVEROTH goes so deep into abstract sketches that you forget what it was about a few minutes ago when metal still sounded from your speakers. This music works best when everything sounds at the same time. An example of this is the first song, the most powerful on the album. In the seventh minute (that is, in the middle), another keyboard part and guitar solo are added to the main riff and background synth — these are a few minutes of triumphant splendor, the most wonderful moments in SEVEROTH history I must say. The rest of the songs contain something similar, but not on such a scale, and most often they are divided into “metal” and “quiet” fragments.

The song "Поклик Карпат" deserves separate mention because it continues to experiment with folk music. This is expressed in the form of traditional instrument line at the start and very Ukrainian guitar refrains throughout the whole song. Keyboards are so grand that they soar above the mountains. Sounds similar to ZGARD, but ZGARD is bullshit and SEVEROTH is great. The song is also wonderful because of this flowery part of I don't know what. It sounds like something between female voice and a horn, but in such an intense sound it is difficult to understand.

I’ll note at last that SEVEROTH is using guitar solos more and more boldly. Stupid monkeys playing extreme metal for twenty years cannot understand how powerful this tool is, how can it turn even the most worthless piece of shit song into something beautiful. This applies even to those underground stars who are fluent in the guitar and are able to make any kind of technical tricks on it. It’s probably a matter of talent and ability to create a melody; they are deprived of this, but a modest Ukrainian calling himself Severoth can.

In this review, I used to talk a lot about music, but the thing is that you don't need to search for some spiritual component in SEVEROTH music and study it. Because you can hear it everywhere, and the very essence of this spirituality is understandable from the first seconds. The album is strictly required to be purchased by all fans of the project and by outside listeners as well. Don't missed - SEVEROTH's sells are very good, he already sold out all his royalties, so be quick or be fucking mp3 listening loser.


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