Review: IRON VOID – Excalibur

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 8,4 / 10

I didn’t expect to make a full-length review of this album, but shit, it's unvelievably great! At first of course, it makes you skeptic because of it's theme. The King Arthur Epic: dragons, knights, round table, Lancelot, Avalon - all this has long been blasted out by squealing powermetal faggots and manowars, therefore it is now closely associated with pimply RPG nerds in fingerless biker gloves. But the way the British group approaches its national treasure deserves a lot of respect. There is not a hint of pretentious clowning, no fake feelings. IRON VOID gives a traditional doom with elements of heavy metal, and it's hard for me to describe how powerful the sense of spiritual purity and strength is in this music. Interestingly, the band behaves as seriously and discreetly as possible, working, let's say, in the middle range. That is, there are moments reminiscent of BATHORY, but they are still far from that epicness. There are also no loud falsettos, heaps of guitar solos, some kind of crazed crescendos, choirs, mystical interludes and so on. Everything is calm enough but every detail is felt and reliably conveyed. It is curious that the compositions themselves are far from perfect. Most of them are 30 percent filled with banal riff-gags designed to glue one good piece to another. However, the aura of music is so amazing that you hardly notice it. It can be said, “Excalibur” returns a good name to the knighthood, reminding us again why we were once attracted to that romantic era.


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