Review: HEXECUTOR - Hangmen of Roazhon

Year of release: 2014 / 2018 (this version)
Released by: Armée de la Mort Records / Dying Victims Productions (this version)
Rating: 8,2 / 10

This release is a reissue of the debut EP of the French band, originally released in 2014 on Armée de la Mort Records. This label has a great flair for the good Thrash Metal - for instance, PERVERSIFIER's only LP (one of the best album in Thrash Metal of that period) was released exactly by ADLMR. PERVERSIFIER quickly split up, but their vocalist / guitarist jumped to HEXECUTOR, thereby continuing to do his dirty and speedy business. “Hangmen of Roazhon” gives the listener a cool old-fashioned thrash with analog sound - the very type that I adore the most. A non-stop ride with bulging eyes, guitar chasing, breaking vocals - all according to the precepts of very early KREATOR or DESTRUCTION, and also DEATHHAMMER. The perceptible accent of the vocalist completes the similarity with all these ancient albums from non-English-speaking bands that sang in English. Music has a strong melodic feeling, but it is old-fashioned feeling, very unkind. The sound is made loud, bold and flammable - exactly what you need for vinyl format. Killer!


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