Review: LUCIFERICON – Al​-​Khem​-​Me

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Invictus Productions
Rating: 6 / 10

The debut album of the Holland band featuring the former member of TARTAROS and DESTROYER 666. This album unfolds very slowly. At first it seems to be a noisy and restless piece of junk, with a bad sound and adance of Saint Witt-composition style. n the second track, unexpected depth begins to appear, and the adequacy of compositional thought increases significantly. Although it still seems that the group is in a hurry to move on to the next riff, without completing the previous one. In the third, the haste almost disappears, after which the album shows its strengths. rarely say that, but here the best fragments are the slow ones, where the songs acquire an additional dimension and begin to sound truly occult, with an oriental note. But high-speed runs, if they last more than a few seconds, sound as if they are trying to destroy everything. Freaky vocals don't help either. I swear, in one of the songs there is a line about "invisible cunt". Most likely, I just didn't hear something, but it's still funny. The trouble with the vocals is not promiscuity (promisculation is not a problem at all, and sometimes it's even a good thing), but that they are simply saved on the vocalist. After all, the vocalist is the face of the band. Everyone can bark like this guy here. Rob Reijnders should have probably focus on his instrument.

To summarize: the debut is not entirely successful. In some places, the album is beautiful, but in general it is too confused. If all the songs were performed in the spirit of “Zsin-Niaq-Sa”, the result would have been much better.


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