Review: COMATOSE VIGIL A.K. – Evangelium Nihil

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Non Serviam Records
Rating: 8,5 / 10

The revival (okay, rebirth) of the legendary funeral doom metal band from Russia did not come about without difficulties, which I don’t want to delve into and I don’t need to. The fact is that one of the ex-musicians banned the use of the original name, the second withdrew, and the third, which formed the new project with the help of ENNUI and BLOOD ATONEMENT participants, was forced to add "A.K."to the name to avoid more misunderstandings.

I cannot judge how close “Evangelium Nihil” is to that COMATOSE VIGIL because I have never listened to this (I know it's a shame, but I really had no time although I sold a lot of their CDs). However, I can say that this is indeed the funeral death doom metal of exceptional power, possessing a mass of recognizable features. The defining moment for the album is the conceptual content, based on a very dark interpretation of the Bible and total misanthropy. Therefore, here you will not find tearful motives, but you'll breathe the lead of the apocalyptic clouds of hatred.

The problem of minimalism, typical of most funeral doom albums, is solved here with the help of oppressive keyboard parts, which play an even more important role than guitars. While the long guitar chord sounds, the synthesizers work in two or three layers at the same time, forcing the atmosphere. I must say, it sounds cold, creepy and ruthless, just like the imminent fucking destruction of all. The most interesting is the composition “Deus Sterilis”. It's riffs and keyboard parts seem to be moving a step further than on the rest of the songs. But in general, this is a very epic work, which must be listened to long and hard. Make sure you are well prepared before that. “Evangelium Nihil” can be called anything but entertaining.


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