Review: SODOM – Partisan

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Steamhammer
Rating: 6,5 / 10

This EP from SODOM which became the first for the band in the updated line-up, is intended to demonstrate its modern sound. In theory, it should have become more old-school, because Frank Blackfire has returned to the band, and ASPHYX drummer is also no joke. However, not much has changed. n terms of spirit and mood, this is the same SODOM as on the previous two albums - maybe only a little more severe. The main differences is how it is played. Guitar and bass parts became much more complicated (quite expected), but I cannot say that this is good. All these years, SODOM remained my favorite band because they knew how to perform armor-piercing thrash metal without excesses. They were not fucking around, like "look at this super-twisted riff I just played". But on “Partisan” the desire to boast of the breadth of composer's thought slips constantly. In theory, the ardent fans of the albums recorded with Frank at the turn of the 80s - 90s should be happy. I also adore “Agent Orange” and “Persecution Mania”, but “M-16” and other works from the Bernemann-Shottkovsky period are much closer to me. Therefore, “Partisan” gives me mixed feelings. Anyway, this is great music, but I’ll wait for the full album before forming my opinion on the new lineup of SODOM.

P.S. Physical editions of this EP (CD and 10"EP) include two new songs + one live track. Digital version includes two. "Great" job, Steamhammer.

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