Review: FLAGELADÖR – Predileção pelo Macabro

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Helldprod Records
Rating: 7,3 / 10

The press release for this album is quite capable of replacing any review, since it is absolutely exhaustive, and I will willy-nilly give excerpts from it. So, FLAGELADÖR is a group formed 18 years ago, one of those responsible for the revival of old-school Speed-Heavy-Thrash Metal in Brazil. Over the years, a whole battalion of musicians has passed through its lineup. All of them are participants of such a number of bands that I won't even bother naming them. The new album of FLAGELADÖR is 10 songs tailored to old metal patterns about... metal, Satan, post-apocalypse, and so on and so forth. In short, the group is not trying to make a serious face but simply expresses all its ardent love for the immortal classics.

Brazilians' music is Speed ​​and Heavy Metal to a much greater extent than Thrash. The sound here is analog, soft and warm, the riffs are rather rounded, and sometimes totally heavy metal in style. Guitar solos are pure Heavy Metal, with recognizable melodies from the 80s. Although the musicians are trying to perform everything quite aggressively, the album is perceived more like JUDAS PRIEST rather than TOXIC HOLOCAUST or something. Simply put, it is primarily old-fashioned metal, and then Evil, broadcasted in its form. This is also good. Ideological albums are more interesting of course, but sometimes you need something simple and powerful for headbanging.

The songs on “Predileção pelo Macabro” are quite good. I didn’t find any super-cool riffs, but nothing sloppy as well. Somewhere better, somewhere worse - a good level is maintained from beginning to end. It should be noted that the main composer of the group is not devoid of ambitions. The title track lasts as much as 11 minutes 40 seconds, moreover it consists of the same all-metal material as everything else. This is extremely rare, since speedy tunes work best on short and energetic tracks. But FLAGELADÖR took the risk and did not lose - the song turned out to be outstanding. As a result - a very decent album, where following the chosen style turned out to be a little more successful than music itself.


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