Review: ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК – Чёрная Сила

Year of release:  1988 / 2016 (this version)
Released by: Metal Race Records
Rating: 7 / 10

I missed the first record of ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК, since it was officially released only in the 1998th, and we all know what kind of albums the pioneering groups released in that period. As it turned out, the record was made back in 1988, and that changes everything. Well, to get it, thanks to the reissue from Metal Race, is not so difficult. I like early ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК, so I found the CD and started to study what kind of stuff the musicians played in their teenage years.

Somber (Black Curse Zine) has long recommended me this record - he said it's almost proto-Black Metal. I have to disagree with this statement. Except that raw live sound, a couple of hellish texts and a few especially hard riffs, there is nothing else in common, this is Thrash Metal. Apparently, "Чёрная Сила" was recorded on 4 tracks, so everything is a bit clumsy, but I like it - there is a unique charm and energy in such recordings. In addition, the rough analog recording method was combined with rather high demands on the skills of musicians, so ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК appears to be a well-played band on this tape. In truth, already at such a young age they technically surpassed some modern bands with three or four albums behind them. It is not surprising that truly serious ambitions have become noticeable on "Бесконечная боль" album.

The music itself here is a little lame. This is a common thing for this kind of recordings, where all is ruled by unbridled energy, but not composite thinking and the dream of recording a hit for local discos. The songs are, perhaps, not even songs, but a collection of cool riffs, drum parts, voices, guitar solos and so on. In many of them, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and other fathers are guessed, but noone can say that ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК plagiarized anyone. They only put together the best elements to create the music that they loved with all their hearts. or such albums there is always a special place on the shelf, because many see them as a reflection of themselves.

Physical release from Metal Race is a standard jewel case CDwith booklet containing songs lyrics and retro photos. The paper, in my opinion, is a bit too glossy and shiny, otherwise there are no complaints. See more details on a video.

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