Review: VALKYRJA – Throne Ablaze

Year of release: 2018
Released by: World Terror Committee
Rating: 7,5 / 10

I remember well how angry I was when I listened to this band's previous album, obtained while working on Riddle of Steel magazine. At that time, the characteristic Swedish Black Metal sounded from every hole, everyone tried to play something like that, and VALKYRJA so corresponded to the letter and spirit of the sickly style that it was impossible to endure. Of course, unlike the good half of the bands that competed in the speed of blast beats and tremolo, VALKYRJA did not pursue fashion - for them this is a natural sound. Nonetheless, “The Antagonist’s Fire” contained something that caused a big stir. Trying to listening this album today, I still feel it, but I cannot describe in words what is so unattractive there.

“Throne Ablaze” is different for the better, although, again, it is impossible to say how exactly. In truth, it is extremely difficult to distinguish it from its predecessor. Again the signature sound from Necromorbus, the same style of composition and performance, the same topics in lyrics. The vocalist has changed; now behind the microphone is the founding guitarist Simon Wiesen. But he sings just as grunting as the previous frontman. In general, there is no difference between the two albums, apart from the difference in perception. Judging by how warmly the audience accepted "The Antagonist's Fire", I am the only one who dislikes it. So rejoice, fans of the super-canonical Swedish Black Metal - this new album is a true gift from Satan.


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