Рецензия: GRENOUER – Death of a Bite

Year of release: 1993 / 2018 (this version)
Released by: Metal Race Records
Rating: 6 / 10

I took the next retro-release from Metal Race with great skepticism - GRENOUER, from its second recording, I associate with all the sores of post-soviet metal at the turn of the century: a merciless musical vinaigrette, "deep meaning" of the lyrics, AWFUL graphic design.In the light of all this, by the way, it was fun to know that GRENOUER had recently signed up for Sleazsy Rider Records. It is impossible to think of a more suitable office - the Greeks has long specialized in the production of discs that you don't even want to take in your hands, not saying about listening.

But this is not important right, because Death of a Bite” is a completely different thing, real Death Metal! At least, that what Anatoly from Metal Race said to me. As always, he did not deceive. Indeed, on this 1993' demo the metal of death is presented in its purest form, without any “let's play rock here, and then strike a spoon on the pan, and say that these are elements of industrial”. The question is, is this a good demo that really deserved re-release?

I am not 100% sure about that. “Death of a Bite” is that type of Death metal which with equal success could have come out in 1993 or 2008 or whenever. Except the sound, manner of performance of vocals and texts, it has no unique features from the past era that make him worthwile. Pretty simple and dynamic music with simple guitar solos, dull and aggressive, as it should be. The influence of CANNIBAL CORPSE is clearly visible, but the level of ingenuity and technicality of GRENOUER is lower than even on “Butchered at Birth”. The texts, as I have already said, correspond to the spirit of the time, but in places there is complete absurdity going on in them, as if they were first written in English, and then translated back using an alpha version of Promt. "Aggression. Perforated enemy / agony. / Replacing functions. Anxiety. Cancer changer ”- I really want to add:“ Ahinea. Awesome delirium ”. In view of the foregoing, I can only recommend this release to collectors of everything oldas well as to loyal fans of GRENOUER (strangely, but they exist) - after all, this is the first edition of “Death of a Bite” on CD.

CD version from Metal Race made quite well, especially when you consider that, in addition to the cover and a couple of photos, no material on the design was available. They even managed to create a full booklet. The design can be criticized for being a bit blury, but if you compare it to other GRENOUER releases, it looks like an exhibit from Tretyakov Gallery. See more details on a video.

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