24th part of short reviews.

GLOAM / OBSCURE EVIL – Gloam / Obscure Evil
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Blood Harvest
Rating: 7 / 10

Very good split from two little-known bands. Americans GLOAM offer a very solid black metal with an occult smell, strongly resembling the work of CULTES DES GHOULES. The sound is cleaner, otherwise the similarity is incredible. Peruvians OBSCURE EVIL, which existed only three years and by the time of the release of the record already split up, recorded two tracks of “drunken Latin American diabolism”. Simply put, this is the traditional Black Metal interspersed with rock and roll. Both sides of the split are quite cool, you won't regret if you buy it.

OUTRE-TOMBE – Nécrovortex
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Temple of Mystery Records
Rating: 6,5 / 10

The second album of the Canadian Death Metal band working in the Swedish style. The label positions OUTRE-TOMBE as conscious musicians, preferring to work long and carefully on their albums, rather than to fill up the stage with useless shit. Good intentions, but I don’t hear how “Nécrovortex” (besides the cool cover) differs from the one million records of, for example, Rogga Johansson who records his stuff with one left hand during the lunch breaks. I haven't found any super-good songs here. Such music is very difficult to spoil, but even harder to improve. It revolves around the same set of compositional solutions, and a certain freedom for performers exists only in the field of working with sound. In this regard, OUTRE-TOMBE acted strange.The sound is heavy and bold, but at the same time there is some internal softness in it, it's a common characteristic of French-speaking bands. All this makes “Nécrovortex” a good album, but not outstanding.

PESTE UMBRARUM – Night Shines Eternal
Year of release: 2018
Released by: self-release
Rating: 5 / 10

This American group sent a very good press kit, which is why it is especially unfortunate that the demo turned out uninteresting. Almost all of its components, I would characterize using the word "weak. Weak sound (despite the recording, which seems to be made by the most correct method - live in studio), powerless songs, frail melody, lack of genuine darkness... A little surprising, considering the experience of musicians. Fans of rose-smelling French or Canadian scenes would probably like it.

SÖNAMBULA – Bicéfalo
Year of release: 2018
Released by: self-release
Rating: 6 / 10

The second album of the Spanish death doom band. There is much more death than doom, so the music is often accelerated, and the sound tends to maximum heaviness... but only the sound. I don't feel a real extremity in this album. Groovy elements do not help either. I can't believe this music. Album of one listening.

VETALA – Retarded Necro Demential Hole
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Harvest of Death
Rating: 6,66 / 10

VETALA are representatives of the Portuguese Black Circle sect. Which, as is easy to understand, continues the work of various inner circles, but especially LLN. This is expressed in the overall style of the Black Cirlce groups - from sharply contrasting black and white design to sound quality that makes your ears bleed. I really want to say that here it is, at last - the authentic Black Metal in its pristine purity... but songs like “Pissing Terrorism” from one of VETALA albums make these guys' intentions doubtful. Unfortunately, I practically know nothing about musicians to draw any conclusions. As for music, there is sheer joy: chaos, dirt, destruction of the instruments and overt hatred for the listener. The average length of the songs is 10 minutes, so do not wait for mercy.

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