Review: ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК – Зовущая вечность

Year of release: 1995 / 2018 (this release)
Released by: Metal Race Records
Rating: 7 / 10

In 1995, ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК were a little ahead of their time, deciding to “expand the musical horizons” for a couple of years before it became mainstream. From full metal Thrash, the band moved to progressive one. This was quite expected, considering the musicians' desire to make their material more complex which was already noticeable on "Знамение" - as expected as the split-up of the collective, which took place immediately after the release of "Зовущая вечность".

At first, the Metal Race boss did not want to send me this album for review, deciding that I would not like its progressive direction. e thought correctly, but the thing is that on "Зовущая вечность" ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК didn't betrayed their roots. They, unlike many fans to move their hands along the thick long guitar neck, remained a metal bandrather than dropping the guise of extreme metalheads, turning out to be dull rockers. The albums has very coold and hard metal sound not designed for audiophile intellectuals praying to he first press of some LED ZEPPELIN record. Musical solutions are certainly bold: non-standard riffs, long solos, fancy drum patterns, a saxophone, oriental motifs in acoustics. However, it is easy to get used to them, as this is not some fucking prog rock on distorted guitars or, for Christ's sake, fusion. It's the same Thrash Metal, just played differently. Some songs, such as "Тень фараона" or "Монстры вселенной", are generally contain almost nothing "like that". Partially, this album is even more extreme than it's more "metallic" predecessor - "Бесконечная боль". The mood of the album is definitely sullen and ruthless.

The only thing that spoils the album is those despondent and flat-sung clean-voiced parts. Every time you hear them, you just want to fast forward the song. I am glad that most of them are in two last tracks. But it saddens that "Город среди моря" is pretty good track when it comes to music, but those vocals kill everything. It would be better to leave everything to the last track - "Странный мир". which is entirely intended for fans of glossy shit a-la DREAM THEATER. Alas, a barrel of honey can not do without a spoon of tar. Except for the last song, the album is strong, and I’m happy to leave it in my collection. By the way, collectors must be satisfied: like other editions of ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК albums released in digipacks, “Зовущая вечность” is very beautiful and old-school. You can see more on a video. Buy the CD in the distro Metal Race.


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