Review: WULKANAZ – Wulkanaz

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Helter Skelter Productions
Rating: no rating

The new album finally made me get to know the iconic project WULKANAZ, which I had my eye on for a long time. What I heard about it earlier, was really inspiring: the continuation of early ARCKANUM traditions, genuine archaic, pure Black Metal (the story of the release of the split in 16kbps mp3 format on a five-inch diskette is omitted)... That's true - except, perhaps, affiliation of WULKANAZ to Black Metal, but I can't really say anything about this because I don't understand proto-germanic lyrics and didn't read any of his interviews. However, everything here is implemented in a very extravagant way. WULKANAZ' music absolutely not inherent this melodism that is characteristic of ARCKANUM. Even the oldest records made by Shaamatae seem friendlier than this new album of WULKANAZ. Primitive and ferocious short tracks resemble ILDJARN, performed in a less noisy arckanumish sound. But here everything is also confused; The author doesn't give a damn about such a thing as “musical wholeness”. Therefore, the compositions are made in different styles and moods, and the sound of the recording varies from song to song. The scatter is indeed very wide. It only begins to seem to you that Kumulonimbus and his session drummer can only pull two strings and hammer one bass drum at a time, when suddenly they offer blast-beats and multi-layered guitar structures and after 1,5 minutes they suddenly fall to the bottom of punk. And didn't even mentioned the fragments of ambient, acoustics and some wild noise.

In such a cruelty and roughness, perhaps, is the essence of WULKANAZ' music. This is a real underground that doesn't say "fuck it", it says "fuck you". As in the case of the floppy split, self-sufficiency and provocation, ideology and sloppiness are mixed here. I won't be surprised if I find out that WULKANAZ leader was a crazy punk in the past. Such creativity does not need assessments and comparisons, it just is.

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