Review: KHANDRA – There is no division outside existence

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Redefining Darkness Records / Possession Productions
Rating: 7 / 10

“Belarusian MGŁA” continues its journey with a new mini-album, released in 2018 right away in the States and Belarus. I had to sit over it for quite a long time, and even now, after many listenings, it is difficult to write something sensible about it. The trouble is that KHANDRA creativity is not at all close to me in any of the contexts, especially in the ideological one. The band's music is certainly good, although it doesn’t close to the stuff I prefer to listen to. The compositions do not have any serious limitations in terms of playing style, and for certain this is not MGŁA anymore. Only a general melancholic mood is similar. It seems that the only requirement that the musicians had to their compositions was to be moderately melodic and fit well in the ear. The rest is complete freedom of action. The latest full-format of the Poles in comparison with “There is no division outside existence” seems very primitive.

As for the ideological and aesthetic ideas of KHANDRA, here they continue to go the same road as their inspirators. Impersonation, hopelessness and vanity, “all are equal in death,” and so on. The group takes this very seriously, but for me such a dismal philosophy is not interesting at all. Perhaps that is why I fell neutral about both MGŁA and KHANDRA. I would recommend “There is no division outside existence” to lovers of gossip about the futility of life and those who just want to listen to good and unusual extreme music. And also to those who want to add a huge folding digipack in their collections.. See more details on a video. Order the CD following the link.

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