Review: CAUSTIC VOMIT – Festering Odes to Deformity

Year of release: 2018
Released by: self-release
Rating: 7,8 / 10

While the entire post-USSR had already arranged the bottles around the Christmas trees, Russia got one more good band. On December 30, the St. Petersburg quartet CAUSTIC VOMIT published (so far digitally, the cassette edition will be released very soon) its debut recording. t consists of half an hour old-school death doom, divided into three compositions. The aspirations of musicians can be guessed at first glance at the logo and the only photo of the line-up. CAUSTIC VOMIT are aimed at the darkest and heaviest form of classic metal. "No peaceville trio romantic wankery", as it is said in the press-release.

It is noticeable that the group worked on the songs if not very long, then very diligently. Compositions consisting of seemingly simple and straightforward riffs are in fact surprisingly dynamic. Slowness should not deceive you; This is extremely rich and deep music. No one here is going to play the same piece for three minutes. In this bulky heap of cold, dead flesh, something is constantly fumbling, tossing and chomping. For lovers of sharp emissions of corrosive gases, chaotic solos and small speedy fragments with primeval blast beats have been made. Skillful using of silencegives a special flavor; sometimes guitars and bass fall silent, allowing the hypnotic beat rhythm to come to the fore. Several times vocals are connected to it, perfectly coping with their tasks even while being alone. However, for my taste, it would be a bit better for vocals to become quite a bit legible. But these are personal quibbles, and on the whole, the sound of the band is strikingly professional (and in general is not “Russian” in any place, for good or bad). The only thing that in my eyes does not allow CAUSTIC VOMIT to be among the elite in one leap is the absence of it's own charisma that distinguishes the band from the others. But I believe that it’s too early to demand this from the band that released its first record five days ago. Great job! Recommended for fans of COFFINS, ASPHYX, HOODED MENACE, WINTER, CIANIDE, GOATLORD.

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