Review: HOLOCAUSTO - Guerra Total

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Rating: 7 / 10

I can not remember how many years have passed since the last time I listened to HOLOCAUSTO. It seems that I did not like the new course of the group, which went through all the traditional Brazilian classics stages, starting with the best (primitive cavernal Thrash / Black Metal with swastikas on the covers) and finishing with the worst (technical Thrash / Crossover). After the split-up and comeback, the band released another album, floundered in the underground, and recently made an extremely right decision to return to the original "war metal-lineup" that is natural. A new album is scheduled for release in 2019 at NWN, but now the Brazilians are offering a demo recorded in 2018 in the heat of the moment.

The four-song tape was made in the only correct way: the group simply placed the microphones at the rehearsal place and recorded everything as it is: live, without additional engineering and shit. Thanks to this, the songs have a real underground spirit of primordial evil, and the music turned out to be exactly like in the early 80s not only in the sound, but also in the manner of its performance. This is a classic Brazilian metal that is easily recognizable to anyone who has heard at least one of those Cogumelo bands; dirty chaos, sounding like gang rape performed by demons. Fanatics of early SARCARFAGO (especially!), SEPULTURA, MUTILATOR, MYSTIFIER - this is for you.


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