Review: MAJESTIC DOWNFALL – Waters of Fate

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Chaos Records / Solitude Productions / Weird Truth Productions
Rating: 7,9 / 10

Now that is my kind of album. This US doom metal project that decided to move to Mexico (unbelievable, they actually move both sides!) releases its fifth full-length at three labels at once: Mexican Chaos Records, Russian Solitude Productions, and Japanese Weird Truth Productions. For some reason, the Mexican release is infringed on rights - there is one less track on it - but our lands, fortunately, are under the mournful shadow of the mighty Solitude wing, so it will be easy for Bagnik Zine readers to obtain the full version of the album.

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL performs great Doom Death Metal which reminded me about the epic masterpiece of DOOM:VS - "Earthless". Not that “Waters of Fate” is really so similar, for sure there are works that are spiritually closer to it, but I'm not so versed in the genre to know about them. It is important that this is a wonderful music, possessing all the necessary qualities to take a place in the collection and become one of the favorite albums for repeated listening. These heavy riffs have a harsh melodic beauty imbued with a powerful feeling, and the emotional vocals make you believe that all this is done not just for the sake of entertainment. Huge songs - 11.5 minutes on average - throw a severe test to the listener. This is not a funeral doom with its ultra-slow riffs; here you cannot catch one tune and sail on it until the very end. Each composition contains such a number of "bricks" that would be enough for the construction of 4-5 songs, no less. At the same time, MAJESTIC DOWNFALL manage not to go beyond the borders of the style, they even barely dilute the material with high-speed fragments. There is a lot of acoustics of course but not enough to get sick of it. And those beautiful guitar solos!

The album was mixed and mastered not at some shithole, but at Necromorbus Studios. As a result, it has a very powerful, slightly viscous and atmospheric sound, giving the music an extra dimension. It is impossible to imagine a better option: the multifaceted “Waters of Fate” offers you the opportunity to cry a bit, to take a walk somewhere outside our world, and also to wonder how far the ingenuity of the composers goes. However, in the latter lies the only serious drawback of the album: the songs are too bulky to remember at least something from them, except for general impressions. If we compare it with aforementioned "Earthless" the fundamental difference becomes clear: DOOM:VS album stays with you forever, while MAJESTIC DOWNFALL new work owns your soul only until the moment when your CD player stops playing it.


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