Review: MORTAL SCEPTER / DEATHRONED – Mortal Scepter / Deathroned

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Dying Victims Productions
Rating: 8,4 / 10

Young shoots of French thrash are bearing fruits! Speaking of such releases, it is impossible not to use old good "like in 80s", because the music here is also as old as the world. MORTAL SCEPTER is mad fanaticism about the old Teutonic thrash, especially KREATOR. The vocalist sings one-on-one as Ventor, and the slight curvature of recognizable puffy riffs and the deliberately bad sound (differing from song to song) resurrect all the classics at once - “Pleasure to Kill”, “Obsessed by Cruelty”, “Sentence of Death”. Everything is performed energetically and passionately. What a speed! Full authenticity! It is strange that the band decided to record a cover of DEATH "Left to Die" instead of somethin German. But the decision justified itself: the cover turned out to be horribly atmospheric, easily surpassing the original in this regard.

DEATHRONED side begins with a rather cumbersome heavy riff, but then the music starts galloping. It turns out that this group has a passion for an even older and more speedy thrash than its split partners. Interestingly, the hurricane guitar “catch-ups” on the second track very reliably repeat our ŠMIERCIESLAŬ. And the general atmosphere and style of performance are not so much like any old band, but rather like the magnificent Norwegians DEATHHAMMER: crazy speeds and vocals breaking on squeal obviously bring great pleasure to DEATHRONED. Their side is closing with a cover of the Germans VIOLENT FORCE, moving a little aside from the rest of material because of its melodiousness. As a result, we have another killer release from Dying Victims Productions, published - with full understanding of the specifics of this music - only on vinyl. Keep it up!


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