Review: NIGHTLY MASS / FINAL HOLOCAUST – Nightly Mass / Final Holocaust

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Barbatos Productions
Rating: 6,3 / 10

Before you is a pretty canonic split of two unknown underground bands that offer exactly what you expect. However, it is not devoid of surprises, but more on that later. The material presented on the disc is the complete discography of both groups. The NIGHTLY MASS side contains the 2016' EP and 2018' demo record made in memory of Martin Erik Ain. The side of the Smolensk group in all respects is much more interesting. Photos and titles give the right preferences and influences: CELTIC FROST, MAYHEM, MOONBLOOD. Although in a more recent snapshot, one of the participants is captured in the chain mail, which is somewhat contradictory to the traditional Black Metal theme. But as I understand, this tough guy is not so much a creator as a performer. NIGHTLY MASS music is close to their German masterminds. This is a primitive black metal, made with a minimum set of necessary instruments (guitar, bass, drums, vocals), recorded live on a rehearsal point and put on the disk as it is, without any edits and bills. In such cases, the most important thing is to compose good songs and correctly perform them (the Serbian partners in the split convincingly prove this by their example). NIGHTLY MASS done well. Their songs have a certain atmosphere, and the talent of musicians suffices at least to ensure the smooth flow of individual fragments from one to another. The fourth track is tougher and sharper, but this is understandable, since it is a curtsey to the early CELTIC FROST / HELLHAMMER.There is even a guitar solo. Given that these are the first records of the formation, which is only 3 years old, the result is good. There is a potential in NIGHTLY MASS; if they continue to develop music in the vein of the first demo, endow it with an otherworldly aura, they can achieve a lot.

FINAL HOLOCAUST side, as it seems at first glance, offers the same thing as the NIGHTLY MASS side. Here is also presented a primitive Black Metal, recorded live at the rehearsal point. However, the differences are very significant, and sometimes you do not know whether to cry or laugh. First, it turned out that the Serbs are far more experienced than the Russians. FINAL HOLOCAUST was a temporary project of members of the group with the romantic name ERIS, also playing Black Metal. And, apparently, very, very nasty Black Metal. Just look at this photograph with pentagram stolen from Doom 3! Already a lot becomes clear about it, and when you see splits with ZARACH ‘BAAL’ THARAGH, 1398 and SATANIC FOREST (ugh) in the discography, the last doubts disappear. The sad story of the project is given in the booklet. FINAL HOLOCAUST was created during the creative crisis at ERIS in 2005. At this time, the musicians switched to the project ROTTEN RECTUM (obviously, much closer to them in spirit), and at the same time created FINAL HOLOCAUST, enlisting the help of a compatriot living in ... India. Serbs honestly admit that this project was mostly a reason to drink, than playing music, and two songs for it were also recorded under the influence of booze, so they have many mistakes, but the musicians do not want these songs to disappear competely in the oblivion of the past. Well, the alcoholic origin of the songs becomes obvious as soon as the ominous intro ends and GRAVELAND-style riff begins. Above, I wrote about good songs and competent performance - well, you can't even smell anything of this here. It's just two pieces of shit, played and recorded so fucking bad that any punk will be envied. On two tracks, by and large, there are only two real riffs. Everything is clumsy as hell. The sound in the first song quickly swims somewhere far away, as if the recorder was accidentally pushed away from the instruments, and in the second one it mercilessly slashes over the ears. In general, I got the impression that a bunch of drunks just belched the first bullshit that came in their heads directly on the tape. What kind of “Truth about Christian lies” they tried to tell is unknown to me. I'd rather go to church than listen to it again. Even if they are really serious about these songs, such an approach in itself is offensive to their own creativity. If FINAL HOLOCAUST read this review and take offense, I want them know that they should blame only themselves. They also took such a good band name...

CD is released by Barbatos Productions in 100 hand-numbered copies. The design is very simple, nothing special. More details on a video. It is possible to acquire only for the sake of NIGHTLY MASS - this group embodies the real underground, and it has prospects. Forget about the Serbs.

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