Review: OUTLINE – Fire Whiplash

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Hells Headbangers Records
Rating: 7,8 / 10

The art of Constanza Godoy Diaz (pseudonym - Tanza) has already appeared on the pages of Bagnik Zine. Previously, she acted as part of the speed project DEMONA, in which she realized her love to speed metal. In 2017, for a 10 years anniversary of the project, Tanza transformed DEMONA into OUTLINE, and a year later presented the first full-length album which was released by the same label - Hells Headbangers.

The differences between OUTLINE and DEMONA are so insignificant that the need to rename the project is questionable. In the end, even the line-up remained the same; Tanza works with the support of J. Hammer,with whom she had played before. Perhaps the music has become more Heavy Metal... that's all.It is expected that both strengths and weaknesses remain. Undisputed dignity is music itself, for this kind of metal simply cannot be bad - it's very essence is cool as fuck. Tanza does not suffer from bad taste, so the melody of her works is extremely pleasant, and the aesthetics of the 80s are impeccable, without any disruption to extremes.

The minus is the same - the vocals. She just can not sing, not at all. I have heard some stuff, but right here all the stars came together - swallowing syllables, singing past the notes, an indestructible Spanish accent. The 6th song is performed mostly by clean voice, without hoarseness, but even here it turns out very badly. can understand the desire to sing own songs, but any good musician feels the moment when he needs to withdraw himself so as not to harm the band. So it would be good for Tanza to find some cheerful girl who can handle her voice more confidently.

Except for the vocals, the album is truly killer - pure speed and energy. Put on the shelf next to DIABOLIC NIGHT, JOEL GRIND (he, by the way, mastered the record), FLAGELADÖR, SPEEDCLAW and all sorts of immortal classics!


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