Review: UUNTAR – Voorvaderverering

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Heidens Hart Records
Rating: 8,1 / 10

Another great release from Heidens Hart. Not all production of this label suits me, but here, as they say, the stars have converged. UUNTAR is the brainchild of two prolific musicians, each of whom has more than a dozen projects. One of them is none other that Arjam, the owner of Heidens Hart himself. And this imposes certain requirements on the quality level of the music. But the red-haired barbarian successfully overcome all obstacles.

The album “Voorvaderverering”, recorded back in 2010, offers material that is completely familiar to any listener of pagan music. Although it is based on the Scandinavian riff tradition, most of all it is similar to GRAVELAND of “Following the Voice of Blood” and "Immortal Pride" era. The same battle drums sound, simple and epic synthesizer parts, the guitar sound resonates strongly, and the vocals work in a constant range. In some places it is in fact almost BURZUM, but the strong folk element makes it clear what this is all about.

The record, despite the relative freshness, is quite archaic. Exactly as it needs to be when you play music about the ancient kings, their gods, and battles in the winter woods bound by frost. The album is simply pleasant to listen to, even if you do not delve into the constructions of the songs. I would strongly recommend Heidens Hart to make a cassette version, since it's specifics will make the album's sound show it's full strength. But even mp3 promo sounds awesome! All fans of good and right pagan music in the vein GRAVELAND, WOODTEMPLE, BLOOD STRONGHOLD, RUNESPELL should take it right now.


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