Review: MORTAL SCEPTER – Where Light Suffocates

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Xtreem Music
Rating: 7,3 / 10

Recently, I reviewed a сплит of this band with his compatriots DEATHRONED, and because of that my expectations from their debut album were very high. On the split, MORTAL SCEPTER passed over the ears with a merciless cannonade, leaving no survivors behind. The music in the vein of early KREATOR was as energetic and authentic as possible.

Unfortunately, on the album, MORTAL SCEPTER decided to go dear to many other groups that gained professionalism. They noticeably reduced the pace and focused on the technique of performance, which is a repulsive factor for me. On the one hand, there is more originality in music - now only vocal reminds of KREATOR. On the other hand, this material is not particularly touching. Well, yes, cool, old school, trashy... * yawn *. The album sounds powerful and resilient, but still somehow insipid. Guitars are not allowed to turn around at all; they are like a tight spring. The darker face also doesn't fit the band. Considering the sound, these dark songs make the album look like a bag of cement or something as homogeneous and gray. I really want to love "Where Light Suffocates", to find some point to move on further, but I can not. It recalls the albums that preceded the decline of the era of good Thrash Metal - technically wonderful, but slightly tired and “disinterested”. Therefore, I remain in close relations with the split, and let the album look for other fans for itself - I am sure it will find a lot of them.


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