28th part of short reviews.

EADEM – Luguber
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Iron Bonehead Productions
Rating: 7 / 10

A rather unusual album, where Black Metal merged with occultism, witchcraft, alcohol and some interesting substances. The music of the Portuguese has a chaotic nature; not in the sense that they are blasting the shit out of everything, but in the fact that the songs are lined up in unexpected ways. Many traditional tricks have found a place here, and somehow all of it, mixed together, sounds undeniably fresh. However, I doubt that the album will have many fans; since its psychedelic aura and total "let's fuck it all up" attitude are far from the patterns familiar to the listener.


HELLNITE – Midnight Terrors
Year of release: 2019
Released by: Sliptrick Records
Rating: 4,5 / 10

Lazy heavy thrash metal from Mexican migrants who moved to Canada. Weak cheap sound and the same music. It resembles a castrated version of SUICIDAL ANGELS, and I must note that those Greeks are also far from perfection. Avoid.


MAVORIM – Silent Leges Inter Arma
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Purity Through Fire
Rating: 7,6 / 10

Very solid German album with a bias in paganism. All music is one big and opaque hint of late ABSURD. It has a characteristic Teutonic melody, catchy and well-known rhythmic patterns and vocal structures, folky riffs, belligerent pure-voiced singing. I got nothing to add: if you like ABSURD and other right Germans, buy it now.

СІЧГАРТ – Честь та кров
Year of release: 2018
Released by: self-release
Rating: 7 / 10

Reinforced concrete Thrash, good to sit down in an armored troop-carrier and go to the anti-terrorist operation to fuck them Russian invaders up. While other Ukrainian performers crumple feces, mourning the difficult fate of their people, SICHGART feel free to loudly declare their position, without slipping into kitsch. From a musical point of view, this is not my type of stuff - I do not like middle-tempo thrash - but I give a lot of advantages for the message. In addition, the record sounds really aggressive and professional in all senses. Strong album. Glory to Ukraine!


THEUDHO – De roep van het woud
Year of release: 2018
Released by: Heidens Hart Records
Rating: 5,7 / 10

Here is a paradox: most of the extreme Belgian metal has an authentic dark spirituality, which is difficult to compare with something elses, but in the pagan metal, the most spiritual of styles, the situation is the opposite. THEUDHO, well known in the post-USSR territory, does not calm down, continuing to release new albums. “The Silence” and “Cult of Wuotan”, which I heard a long time ago, are not really different from the new album. As before, the style of the project is based on the Viking heritage of BATHORY, only THEUDHO does not have even the tiniest bit of that grandeur. Years go by, but THEUDHO's music is still sounds as if cut down with an axe. And no acoustic and atmospheric inserts change the situation, because they are just as clumsy. Listening to THEUDHO is recommended only for the sake of an idea, but not for the sake of music.


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