Review: ETERITUS – Order of Death

Year of release: 2018
Released by: Deformeathing Production
Rating: 7 / 10

Death Metal of old school, having a Polish origin - no more, no less. The Polish Death Metal scene, despite its power and authority, by and large, has never been independent. Most of the fashionable Polish bands shamelessly guided by the early works of DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL, and to a slightly lesser extent by other classics of the genre. ETERITUS are no exception. Even the press release is not trying to cheat, as is often the case: they say, we did the same as the fathers, but with a pitted olive. No way, no twists this time: "If you’re an old school death metal die-hard and you’d kill for Grave, Entombed, Gorefest, Autopsy, Morgoth or Dismember, Eteritus is definitely something you need to check!". Well, honesty is the best policy.

However, in my opinion, the publisher was too quick with the list of influences. Maybe my ears are just messed up, but, in my opinion, the album from the first song screams about the influence of ACHERON. The riffs are played in a very similar style, devoid of Swedes punk rhythm. From early Sweden, the Poles adopted a dark atmosphere, which is served in strictly measured doses during painful, drawn-out solos. The vocals are also closer to the American style, because it sounds quite human, although they are brutal and gravely.

It’s hard to say more about this album. It is strong and competent, but not outstanding. Spherical Death Metal in a vacuum, as they say. Everything as it should be. Yes, and one more interesting moment - on drums here is Nithramous, who played on all the most important NEASIT and NORTH records. However, "Order of Death" doesn't offer anything new, but if you want to eat some old carrion with a different sauce, take it.


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