Review: AMBER TEARS - When No Trails

Year of release: 2019
Released by: BadMoodMan Music
Rating: 8,3 / 10

It seems to me that very few people expected the release of the new album of AMBER TEARS - nine years have passed since the release of the previous album, and I personally forgot abot this band from Penza. As it turned out, the group did not die, but just very slowly sculpted its new creation. And I must point out that the wait was worth it.

On the first two albums, AMBER TIES were honest clo... followers of GODS TOWER; they interpreted the Belarusian folk guitar sound in their doomish and soulful style. It sounded cool, but the impression was spoiled by somewhat sloppy compositions and fucking disaster of a vocal. Regarding the new album, there are two news: the vocals are better, and GODS TOWER cloning was left in the past. Although AMBER TEARS melodious guitar riffs still contain some references to GODS TOWER, most of the material is “independent” now. If you carefully study the compositions with a magnifying glass, it turns out that there is nothing special about them. But a big role is played by the powerful and atmospheric sounding of the instruments, as well as the ingenious scatter of additional tracks. Listening to a traditional doom riff is one thing. Listening to this riff, accompanied by a simple and effective acoustic part or keyboard arrangement, is another thing. “When no Trails" is incredibly dramatic, musically emotional and beautiful. Finally, once again I hear the band not hesitating to let the guitar float freely for a minute and a half, so that it can play great solos. Great - just like SATURNUS or DOOM: VS on “Earthless”.

The vocal is still the weakest point, although now it can be perceived without twitching eyelids. When Mr. Bandurin needs to growl, he is so desperately straining that I start worrying about his underwear. Let the respected sir not consider it an insult - he tries, but it seems to me that it is better to sing in a more natural manner than to try to squeeze something unsuitable for consumption. In addition, the vocals are devoid of emotion, it's just a neutral roar. The same Thomas Jensen from SATURNUS, for example, knows how to growl much lower, more extreme, and still manages to tear the soul to shreds. It would not be superfluous to peep him a couple of techniques.

In general, the return of the band after a long pause was extremely successful. The CD for my collection is on it's way. (I am (slightly embarrassed by the design though - what kind of post-punk is this?). Unfortunately, "When no Trails" seems to be the last work of AMBER TEARS, but it is not a shame to leave on such a note.

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