Review: INCULTER – Fatal Visions

Year of release: 2019
Released by: Edged Circle Productions
Rating: 8,2 / 10

Once again, I notice how much the Norwegian musical vector has shifted. In the XXI century, this country delivers probably the most shitty and bland Black Metal, but its Thrash Metal bands easily break the necks of all potential competitors. DEATHHAMMER alone deserved a monument of gold, but it's not about them only. INCULTER, for example, is also very cool. Looking at the cover and the name of their new album, you might think that it hides something volatile, unhurried and spacious, like OBLITERATION, INCANTATION and other groups whose names end in -TION. But this is not the case: : from the first seconds, the speakers explode with high-speed Thrash with brilliant rhytms and archaic lighthning-fast guitars. Just like DEATHHAMMER, but less crazy. However, INCULTER has other goals. The album's dark concept obliged the group to include a sufficient amount of atmospheric (i.e., volatile, unhurried, spacious) segments in the music. It was done very skillfully: slow fragments give the material a contrast, and yet they are not boring to listen to. In general, the album is close in spirit to the works of AURA NOIR, NEKROMANTHEON  and other bands playing Thrash Metal with dark aura. Great!

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